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Freak out in a Moonage Daydream!

Oh yeah.

Sweet Jane ☮
As summer fades away, you'll lead me to the garden.

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i know i'll often stop and think about them

I'm 19.
My name is Savannah.
I've got a beautiful British boyfriend named Gabriel. He's the love of my life.
I've got an uncanny obsession with rock stars.
My favourite band is Blur.
I love '90's BritPop.
I'm in college and I'm studying Journalism.
I played drums at Paul Green's School of Rock.
I don't care if Baltimore has the third most highest crime rate in the United States, I love it anyway.
I also love England. I'm moving there in 3 years.
I act like this in public and in real life. I tend to get over excited about things and lose control of my emotions. Then I stomp around and speak loudly. And it's not cool because I'm not Bob Dylan.
I try to be open-minded, but if I don't like something I like to voice my opinion. I never try to be mean about it.
I'm not religious. If you're religious that's fine by me, but be understanding that I don't really like to talk about religion from a non-intellectual (like "This is right because God said so" being an example of non-intellectual) stand point and I sometimes say bad things about religion.
I like to read.
"On the Road" by Jack Kerouac is basically my bible.
I love the beatnik lifestyle.
I like art. I really love Pop Art the most, but if it looks good I'll love it. Andy Warhol is one of my heroes, as well.
I like brightly coloured clothing. And nice make-up and hair.
I love comedy. If it makes me laugh, I'm hooked.
Please don't add me if you're going to cry tears of blood constantly like The Cure does. I only have so much sympathy and a lot of it is used on me saying, "Robert Smith, it's okay, you're life isn't going to be miserable forever."
If you think you may like me, add me and we'll see. I'll most likely friend you back, if I've seen you around.
I love the pop scene.
in my life
My top 4:
1) Blur
2) David Bowie/Placebo
3) Pulp
4) The Horrors

These are my idols, the basically help to shape my life everyday. I love many more that are impossible for me to categorize in such a small number. View more of my music here.

i love you more

A fervoured image of another world
Is nothing in particular now
And imitation comes naturally
But I never really stopped to think how
And everyone is a clever clone
A chrome coloured clone am I
So in the abscence of a way of life
Just repeat this again and again...and again
Hey, hey come out tonight
Hey, hey come out tonight
Popscene, all right

I'm leaving town to run away
Run into your twisted arms
No queues and there's no panic there
Just dangling your feet in the grass
My lack of natural luster now
Seems to be losing me friends
So in the abscence of a way of life
Just repeat this again and again...and again
Hey, hey come out tonight
Hey, hey come out tonight

Hey, hey come out tonight
Hey, hey come out tonight
Popscene, all right
Hey, hey come out tonight
Hey, hey come out tonight

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I am the Lou Reed of LiveJournal, bitches.


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